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Welcome I'm SO glad you're here. My name is Kylee and I'd love to tell you about how I ended up here.
I'm a mama of 2 and my babies are my life.
I started my health journey in 2020 when I was struggling with a lot of different health issues postpartum. I got so sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I was struggling with Autoimmune psoriasis, IBS, constant heartburn, chronic constipation, daily headaches, anxiety, and fatigue.
I decided I was going to go the holistic route to try and heal. After the medical system constantly failed me. I made simple life-style changes like only eating foods that nourish me and drinking celery juice daily, I made physical activity and self-care a priority, I managed my stress and went out into nature as much as I could. After 6 months of consistency in my habits, I was magically healed and healthy. My skin was completely clear from a condition my dermatologist said I'd be stuck with forerver. I then took my new found love for food is medicine and graduated at The Insitute of Integrative Nutrition. Now my goal is to help others heal naturally and nourish their selves too.

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